• Steve Dalton

    Steve Dalton

  • Alan Stamm

    Alan Stamm

    Views on news by a letterpress-era vet who migrated from print (Riverdale Press, The Record, Syracuse New Times, Detroit News) to digital (Deadline Detroit).

  • Sonya Lewis, MD, MPH

    Sonya Lewis, MD, MPH

    Physician, musician, mother, citizen of the world.

  • Yuan Fang

    Yuan Fang

    Chinese-Born, 1st Generation Student at UMich

  • Shamik Chaudhuri

    Shamik Chaudhuri

    Creator of good things.

  • Sadhana


  • Garrett Kaufmann

    Garrett Kaufmann

    Student of the craft — Computer Science & Mathematics major at Wesleyan University

  • KellyNYC


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